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Micro RCM Superlight

Model#: TR6502586

LEKI's lightest carbon folding pole barely moves the scale at just 128 grams. How can something so light, provide so much stability and security? The RCM is where incredible technology meets minimalist design. The RTC (Round Top Comfort) Foam grip with adjustable strap provides comfortable support in rugged terrain. The extended foam grip offers additional security for uneven terrain when users prefer various grip locations. The Trail Running Tip allows precise pole planting and perfect grip on almost any terrain.

  • Price:$219.95

RTC Thermo (Round Top Comfort)

Ultralight grip with a rounded top and edgeless design for maximum comfort and various grip positions.

Lock Security Strap - Skin

Adjustable security strap made from breathable, lightweight and extra soft material for maximum comfort.


Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.

Push Button

Proven and super lightweight locking system for fast and easy assembly.

Trail Running Tip

Lightweight tip for optimum swing weight. The concave carbide tip provides grip in all conditions.

Series Unisex
Construction Folding|PB|Fixed Length
Grip RTC Lite Thermo Mid
Strap RTC Lite Strap Skin 3.0
Segments 4-pieces
Shaft Diameter 14|12|12|12 mm
Upper section Carbon (HRC max)
Lower section Carbon (HRC max)
Tip Trail Running Tip
Length/Size 110-135 cm in 5 cm steps
Weight/Pole 128 g/ per pole
Pack Size 36 cm
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